Colorful history


The concept was developed many years ago when Fosca worked and studied Design in Milan. Having in one day many different commitments, she found the need to invent an accessory that she could ware in different situations. A long scarf to ware at an elegant and impromptu dinner after a day at university or at work was the perfect solution.

Many years later, she lived in Ibiza and continued making scarves for friends. 'One day Someone saw them and transformed her life. Karl Lagerfeld "came to her door" and asked her to work with him as a textile designer in Paris and so she did'.


Fosca Bertrán's scarves are characterized by colour. The world is pure colour, an infinite range of combinations that create multiple emotions. Block of primary colours that transport you to distant exotic natural worlds.

Her idea is to present scarves for which every woman can find a different use. In turn a stole, a scarf or a sarong, they can both add a touch of elegance to a simple black dress. And they are large size, three meters. She likes to create the romantic effect of the scarf blowing in the wind. An accessory to dress. A multi purpose accessory. A unique accessory.

Printed on a fluid, pure silk Georgette crépe, Fosca's long stoles are very recognizable with their broad graphic patterns inspired by her passion for painting and architecture. Her geometric designs come from her architectural roots. Like in painting, she likes to play with multiple dimensions, moving from two to three and four dimensions.

Each side printed with a different design, the perfect balance between two intertwining stories, breaking all conventions; a unique style that requires her to use a stamping technique to obtain a unique special effect.

The production is in Lyon, for generations the site of the "savoir faire" of silk, where the taste for extreme detail and quality is king and where the use of inkjet technique was pioneered. The inkjet allows for larger scale drawing and only the best quality French silk is selected for her scarves.

The seams are perfect; each scarf undergoing many controls to avoid that even the minimal imperfection is overlooked; each scarf hand sewn by magical hands that know exactly what colour to use for each of the scarves.

A foulard Fosca Bertrán is romance, sensuality, elegance, extreme quality, colour, joy, personality, art object, trendy, an accessory that makes us unique.